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[TRANS] Vogue magazine Leeteuk: Happiest moment? “When I was Sukira DJ with Eunhyuk, there was a day when he seemed really tired. I wanted him to work harder so I scolded him. Then I found out he was tired after writing a song for me for my birthday the whole night, I was so thankful and apologetic that I cried.

Cr. @ELF_Thoughts

Anonymous: greetings, do you remember what episode ji hyo and gary rapped in a studio together? i remember there were instruments too, and i think the song was the girl who can't break up, the boy who can't leave. thanks!


I don’t remember this ever happening but it might’ve been in one of the few eps I didn’t watch. Can anyone help? 

I’m so glad over the fact that Park Bom decided to take part in the Roommates Reality Show. Finally, people are able to realize that she is a precious creature and stop bashing her for her face. She is not fake as many haters claim. She is, actually, one of the most original idols in the…